Polymer resin neutralising agent


Beige coloured clear liquid.



Active matter:

Approx. 40 %.

pH value (1:10):

Approx. 7.0.


TRUPOTAN NZ is a neutralising polymer resin with excellent buffering capacity which will rapidly produce an evenly neutralised wet blue and assist the penetration of anionic retannage, fatliquors and dyes.

TRUPOTAN NZ provides a high buffering capacity with no risk to the tanner of over-neutralising.

TRUPOTAN NZ has a grain tightening property which will assist sensitive wet blue.

TRUPOTAN NZ is very suitable for the production of water resistant leathers.

TRUPOTAN NZ has excellent light fastness properties and is therefore very suitable for manufacture of leather for white and aniline pastel shades.


TRUPOTAN NZ can be used for all types of leathers, hides and skins. An application of 3 - 6 %, based on shaved weight, is recommended.

TRUPOTAN NZ can also be utilised in the retannage to assist with further penetration and levelling of vegetable, polymer syntans and dyes etc.

TRUPOTAN NZ may be applied in the rechrome process to assist with the chrome fixation. 0.5 - 1.0 % TRUPOTAN NZ is recommended to be added after rechroming for a minimum of 45 mins.

Safety and storage

When handling TRUPOTAN NZ, normal safety precautions associated with the handling of chemicals should be observed. For more specific details please refer to our safety data sheets.

TRUPOTAN NZ can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5 °C and above 40 °C can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature TRUPOTAN NZ may exhibit some settlement which can be rectified by either warming and/or stirring the product thoroughly before use.