Long chain sulphochlorinated synthetic paraffin.


Tanning, fatliquoring.


Yellow fluid oil.

Active matter:

Approx. 100%.

10% pH Emulsion:

Insoluble in water.

Light fastness:


TRUPON CM can be used as a raw oil (water insoluble) in fatliquor combinations. Because its nature and reactivity, it will remain fully linked and fixed to the leather fibers, improving both washing fastness and dry cleaning fastness.

Thanks to its good light and ageing fastness, TRUPON CM can be used as a fatliquor component in the production of pastel and white articles without yellowing risk.

A correct use of TRUPON CM can help to improve tear strength of the leather articles.

TRUPON CM will support the production of leathers with firm, full and smooth grain.

The reaction of TRUPON CM with the leather fibers will release some proportion of inorganic acid. When using high dosage of TRUPON CM, then this acidity should be neutralized in some way:

    1. When TRUPON CM is used before neutralization steps, then we recommend to increase the dosage of neutralization agents.
    2. When TRUPON CM is used in the main fatliquor we recommend to add an extra dosage of alkali (sodium carbonate) in the fatliquoring  bath.

Storage Stability: TRUPON CM  can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided.