Heavy metal salt complexing agent.


White powder.


Approx. 87%.

10% pH Dissolution:

Approx. 12.

RESISTOL FE is a sodium salt of E.D.T.A which can be used in all wet processes of the leather industry.

RESISTOL FE is a white powder giving a p.H value of 12 in a solution at 100 g/l.

RESISTOL FE is an organic complexing agent that renders inactive iron, calcium, and magnesium ions, together with other heavy metals, which can have a detrimental effect during the wet processings.

RESISTOL FE prevents changes in colour caused by iron compounds when leathers are vegetable tanned or retanned.

RESISTOL FE produces much clearer and brilliant dyeings.

RESISTOL FE softens hard water.


Vegetable or synthetic tanning:

The addition of 1 - 2 g/l. of RESISTOL FE in the tanning liquor prevents colour changes which could be produced by the presence of iron.

Chrome tanning:

RESISTOL FE prevents chrome staining in chrome tanning.  Chrome tanned leathers rinsed in hard water may present chrome stains mainly on the bellies.

The addition of 0,1-0,2 % RESISTOL FE calculated on the pelt weight to the chrome bath will avoid these disadvantages.

Chrome retanning of vegetable or synthetic tanned leathers:

RESISTOL FE may also be added to the chrome bath. Leathers present a lighter colour. In this case, an addition of 0,5 % RESISTOL FE, calculated on dry weight should be added together with the chrome retanning agent.

Retanning of chrome Wet-blue:

RESISTOL FE may also be used when retanning chrome tanned leathers with vegetable and/or syntans. In this case, the following method is suggested:

The shaved leather should be treated for 30 minutes in:

                              200,0 % water at 35ºC.
                                   0,5 % RESISTOL FE
                                             (calculated on shaved weight)

Rinse, neutralise and retan with syntan as usual. Thereby, leathers will be much clearer and brighter.

Complete softening of hard water:


Add:  0,08 g/l. RESISTOL FE per degree of German hardness.

However, a complete softening of the water is not absolutely necessary and in most cases, smaller quantities of RESITOL FE can be used.

Storage Stability: RESISTOL FE can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided.



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