Fatiquor based on polymeric and hydrophobic fatliquoring substances.

Appearance (20ºC):

Light brown.



Active matter:

Approx. 55%.

pH value 10%:

Approx. 6,0.

Acid stability:


Hard water stability:

Very good.

Vegetal tan stability:


Light fastness:

Very good.

Heat yellowing:

Very good.


TRUPOSYL HBD is a  waterproofing fatliquor designed for its use in production of washable and water resistant leather.

Leathers fatliquored with TRUPOSYL HBD have a good handle, tight and smooth grain together with a significantly fullness.

In the production of garment lambskins TRUPOSYL HBD confers to the leather extremely soft and round handle.

TRUPOSYL HBD facilitates outstanding penetration and good distribution in extremely conditions of hard water. Leathers fatliquored with TRUPOSYL HBD have a pleasant round handle and better tight smooth.

TRUPOSYL HBD can be used as a main fatliquor or in combination with other Fatliquors from family TRUPON, TRUPOSOL or TRUPOSIST.

Leathers treated with TRUPOSYL HBD posses excellent dyeing properties.


TRUPOSYL HBD can be used in different stages, including neutralisation, retanning, as well as top fatliquor.

Quantities to be used will be dependent upon softness and degree of water resistance required but will normally vary between 5-10% based on shaved weight.

TRUPOSYL HBD should be added to the drum in pre-emulsified form, process temperatures between 50ºC – 60C and running between 60-90 minutes will be normally suffice to afford even penetration and good bath exhaustion, acidification of the fatliquor bath to pH 3,5- 3,8 with additions of diluted formic acid.

Storage Stability: TRUPOSYL HBD can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature TRUPOSYL HBD may exhibit some settlement which can be rectified by stirring the product thoroughly before use.