Aqueous solution of special surfactants agents.


Transparent liquid.

% Total solids:

Approx. 15.0.


Non-ionic / anionic.


TRUPODRIVER P is a non-ionic/anionic penetrating agent in an aqueous solution. This transparent solution, with a neutral or even slightly acid reaction, can be mixed with water in any proportion.

Thanks to its great surface tension regulating properties, TRUPODRIVER P is especially recommended for impregnations.

Combined with TRUPOCRYL RI it rapidly and completely penetrates the surface of leathers retanned both with vegetable tannins and with synthetic tannins or strongly retanned with chrome.

TRUPODRIVER P is compatible with non-ionic or anionic products.


For improve penetration of impregnation resins.
For leathers strongly retanned with vegetable agents.
For leathers strongly retanned with chrome.

Storage:  The product can be stored for one year, as long as it is kept at temperatures above 5º C and below 40º C.   Extended periods of storage or extreme temperatures may modify its aspect, which can be remedied by stirring the product thoroughly before application.