A mixture of natural oils water-dilutable.


Yellowish liquid.

%Total solids:

Approx. 99.5


< 150 cP.


TRUPOIL EM is a water-dilutable mixture of select natural oils of the neats foot type.

TRUPOIL EM thanks to its special components penetrates very well providing a natural very pleasant silky feel without highlighting the defects of the leather.

TRUPOIL EM can be added to other normal mixtures of Pull-up, waxes, etc.


Used just with water to obtain a very soft and natural feel.
Mixed with other types of non water-dilutable oils, to facilitate cleaning of machines.

Notices: Without any damage of its quality, to lower temperatures than 10 ºC this product can lose transparency and increase its viscosity. If this happens, its habitual aspect recovers adjusting the product to approximately 20-22 ºC.

Storage: The product can be stored for one year, as long as it is kept at temperatures above 5º C and below 40º C.   Extended periods of storage or extreme temperatures may modify its aspect, which can be remedied by stirring the product thoroughly before application.