Non-ionic / anionic soaking agent.


Wetting agent, emulsifier.


Colourless liquid.

Active substance:

Approx. 25 %.

pH (10%):

Approx. 7.0.

PASTOSOL MD is a wetting agent and biodegradable emulsifier.

PASTOSOL MD improves cleaning and provides a wet blue shiny color.

PASTOSOL MD is free from nonyl-phenol compounds and low foam formation in comparison with common degreasing agents.

PASTOSOL  MD  is very efficient for the natural fat emulsifying over a wide pH range.


PASTOSOL MD can be used anywhere in the production process of wet-blue, with advantage in deliming and bating operations.

The necessary quantity of PASTOSOL MD depends on raw material and process step.

Used on wet-blue, PASTOSOL MD facilitates and enhances the effect of initial soaking and washing.

PASTOSOL MD can be used in pickle for degreasing sheep skins.

Safety and storage

When handling PASTOSOL MD, normal safety precautions associated with the handling of chemicals should be observed. For more specific details please refer to our safety data sheets.

PASTOSOL MD can be stored for up to 18 months, if temperatures below 5 °C and above 40 °C can be avoided.