Via húmeda



Beige powder.


Combination of organic acids.

pH value (1 : 10):

Approx. 2.0.


TRUPOTAN DC is an auxiliary agent with balanced masking properties.

TRUPOTAN DC can be used in the deliming process as well as in the pickle process.

TRUPOTAN DC helps to improve results in the acid bating for fur skins e. g. double face.

TRUPOTAN DC assists the deliming due to the ability to form soluble calcium salts.

TRUPOTAN DC improves chrome exhaustion and chrome fixation and provides even chrome distribution.

TRUPOTAN DC contributes to an excellent full and fine grain leather.

TRUPOTAN DC results in a very clear and even wet-blue colour.



After the addition of a standard deliming agent, e. g. ammonium sulphate, and a pre-run of 15 – 30 min., 0.3 – 0.7 % TRUPOTAN DC, based on pelt weight, is added. Pickle:

At the beginning of the pickle process 0.3 – 0.7 % TRUPOTAN DC, based on pelt weight, is added un-dissolved after the pre-run with common salt. The usual amount of acid (e.g. formic acid and sulphuric acid) can be reduced.

Acid bating double-face:

In the acid bating process with TRUPOZYM AB, TRUPOTAN DC works as a buffering agent, ensuring a stable pH during the whole acid bating process. For this purpose we recommend between 1.6 gr/L to 2.0 gr/L added 1 hour before the enzyme.

Safety and storage

The product can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5°C and above 40°C can be avoided. On prolonged storage the colour and aspect of TRUPOTAN DC can change.

TRUPTAN DC should be kept in a dry place.