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Tanning and retanning agent.


Light yellow liquid.


80% ± 3.

10% pH Solution:

10 ± 1

TRUPOTAN OXF  is a tanning material with great affinity to natural proteins.

TRUPOTAN OXF is absolutely formaldehyde free

When used in combination with either vegetable or chrome tanning agents, a softer fuller leather is obtained in comparison with the same agents used alone.

It can be used in a different stages of leather processing depending on the amount used and on the kind of leather desired.

The main advantages of its use are:

Possibility of wet-white leather production and

Better chrome exhaustion.

Softer and fuller leather.

Easy application in the tannage.

Unstained white wool when used in woolskins tannage.

Used in conjunction with vegetable extracts, it gives leather with good thermal stability without the use of chrome.

Enhanced depth of shade of dyestuffs.

Degreasing action on pickled skins during pretanning

TRUPOTAN OXF  can be diluted at any ratio with water