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Replacement syntan.


Yellowish powder.


Diphenyl sulphone compounds.

Active matter:

Approx. 92 %.

pH value (1:10):

Approx. 6.




TRUPOTAN PG is a replacement syntan for the retannage of all types of leather, but is especially useful for the production of chrome-free car upholstery leather.

TRUPOTAN PG gives leather an outstanding softness with excellent fullness and round handle.

TRUPOTAN PG produces a fine grained leather with an elegant level milled grain pattern.

TRUPOTAN PG has very good light and heat fastness properties and therefore is ideal for production of white and pastel coloured leathers.

TRUPOTAN PG is ideal for the production of leathers that require low free formaldehyde values.


In the retannage of wet blue a quantity of between 4 and 6 % TRUPOTAN PG, calculated on the wet blue weight, is recommended.

For the retannage of chrome-free car upholstery leather, up to 10 % of TRUPOTAN PG is recommended to support the vegetable tannage.

For the retannage of sheep wet blue for softy clothing leather or milled leather a quantity from 3 to 5 % TRUPOTAN PG is normally recommended.

Safety and storage

When handling TRUPOTAN PG, normal safety precautions associated with the handling of chemicals should be observed. For more specific details please refer to our safety data sheets.

The product should be stored in a dry, cool place.