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Protein based retanning agent.


All purpose retanning agent.


Brown liquid.



Active matter:

Aprox. 40%.

pH Solution 10%:

Aprox. 5,5.

Chrome stability:


Vegetal stability:

Not compatible in same bath.

Light fastness:


Ageing fastness:



TRUPOTAN PRL shows a strong amphoteric behaviour, this is the reason why its performance on leather will be influenced by the application pH.

TRUPOTAN PRL solution is fully stable at normal working pH range in leather processing.

Applied in the neutralisation bath, TRUPOTAN PRL outstands by producing full and soft leathers coupled with a soft and fine grain.

When applying TRUPOTAN PRL in the retanning stage, extremely firm leathers will be obtained. Used in this way, compatibility with other retanning agents must be checked.

In the production of splits or any other suede articles, the use of TRUPOTAN PRL in the fatliquoring bath allows for articles with extremely fine cut suede, regularly buffed and  good writing effect.

We must point out that when retanning with TRUPOTAN PRL, dyeings with anionic dyestuffs will show enhanced intensity and levelling.

TRUPOTAN PRL will not affect waterproofing properties.


When using TRUPOTAN PRL together with anion-active products, and specially at pH values lower than 4,5, incompatibilities can arise mainly with some vegetal retanning agents and some other fatliquoring and retanning agents.

TRUPOTAN PRL is totally stable to hard water and electrolytes in the normal pH working range.


Quantities to be used will depend upon the leather and the article required, but next figfures could be taken as guideline,

- In the neutralisation bath a dosage between 2% and 4% will be convenient
- In retanning process dosage between 4% and 8% combined with other chemicals .
- In the fatliquoring bath it’s recommended to use dosis between 2% and 4% together    with the fatliquor.

Storage Stability: TRUPOTAN PRL can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided.