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Preparation on basis of sulphated oils and sulphochlorinated synthetic paraffin.


Universal fatliquor. Dry touches.


Brown fluid oil.



Active matter:

approx. 50%.

pH Emulsion 10%:

approx. 8.5.

Acid stability:


Hard water stability:


Chrome stability:

Not compatible.

Vegetal stability:


Light fastness:


Heat yellowing:



TRUPON DXZ is an anionic fatliquor prepared from a mixture of carefully selected natural and synthetic raw materials.

Emulsions are easily prepared with 3 to 4 parts water to 50/60°C. These emulsions obtained are opalescent and very stable.

TRUPON DXZ stands out for their penetration and their good distribution in the cutting and in the leather surface, providing firm and dry touches. As a result, dyes with anionic dyestuffs always present a good leveling and intensity.

Per its excellent light and heat yellowing fastness, TRUPON DXZ can be successfully used in the production of white and pastel shades.

TRUPON DXZ can be used as unique fatliquor in articles requiring firm handle (corrected grain, ….) but mainly will be used in combination with other fatliquors from our range. We recommend combinations with TRUPON PLZ and/or TRUPON KLZ depending on touches and desired effects.

TRUPON DXZ can easily incorporate up to 75% of its own weight in crude oil, upon mixing the two components before making the emulsion.


TRUPON DXZ can be used as an universal fatliquor for the production of any kind of article;

- Full grain bovine leather

- Nubucs

- Glossy articles both on small skins and bovin (box, metis, glossy goats ..). TRUPON DXZ in combination with raw  oils and TRUPON KLZ or PLZ  

- Suede on splits. TRUPON DXZ will support dry and good writing effect on suede. 

- All kinds of articles dried under vacuum.

Storage Stability: TRUPON DXZ can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature TRUPON DXZ may exhibits some settlement which can be rectified by  stirring the product thoroughly before use.