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Fully synthetic sulphated fatting components and odourless high-boiling point hydrocarbons.


Napa, softy, vulcanized.


Clear fluid yellowish oil.



Active matter:

Approx. 85 %.

pH Emulsion 10%:

Approx. 7.5.

Acid stability:


Salt stability:


Chrome stability:

Not recommended for use in chrome baths.

Light fastness *:


Heat yellowing *:


TRUPON INC is an anionic synthetic fatliquor designed to work on the principle of ‘solvent fatliquoring’. The incorporation of high-boiling point, non-polar hydrocarbons in TRUPON INC prevents cohesion of the leather fibres during drying, before they themselves evaporate leaving a soft fluffy leather of low specific weight.

Leathers processed with TRUPON INC tend to dry softer than normally fatliquored leathers and therefore require less staking. As part of the applied fatliquor is removed during the later stages of drying, the extractable fat remains low, thus making TRUPON INC ideally suited to the production of ‘floater leathers’.

TRUPON INC is used in exactly the same way as normal anionic fatliquors, either alone or in admixture with other TRUPON or TRUPONOL fatliquors from our range. We do not, however, recommend the use of raw oils together with TRUPON INC.

STORAGE STABILITY: TRUPON INC can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5 °C and above 40 °C can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature TRUPON INC may exhibit some settlement which can be rectified by either warming and/or stirring the product thoroughly before use.