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Combination of dispersing chemicals.


Dye auxiliary.


Yellowish liquid.


Non ionic.

Active matter:

45% - 50%.

10% pH emulsion:

8,5 -  9,5

Acid stability:

Very good.

Hard water stability:

Very good.

Properties and application

The use of TRUPON TN in the dyeing bath will result in much more even, brilliant and intensive leather colours when dyeing with anionic dyestuffs.

These properties will support the dyeing operations, especially when working with difficult leathers and producing top quality articles (aniline, semi aniline or not finished articles).

TRUPOTAN TN works as an improver of anionic dyestuffs stability and solubility. Fixation rate is reduced and dye penetration into the leather cross-section is accelerated.

Under acidic conditions, TRUPOTAN TN properties are cancelled and anionic dyestuffs are properly fixed into the leather.


Not recommended to use in the same bath with vegetable extracts. If necessary, compatibility must be properly checked.

Required quantities:

- Levelling effect:                       0,3% - 0,6% on shaved weight
- Through-dyeing of leather:      0.5% - 1.0% on shaved weight.

Storage Stability: TRUPON TN can be stored for up to one year, if temperatures below 5ºC and above 40ºC can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature TRUPON TN may exhibit some settlement which can be rectified by stirring the product thoroughly before use.