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Colourless liquid.

Specific gravity at 20ºC:

1300 g/l.

Chemical character:

Formaldehyde complexing agent.

Freezing point:

+ 12°C.

pH value 10% sol.

6.0 ± 1 .


50 ± 3

TRUPOFIX FST is a blend of chemicals which react selectively with the free- formaldehyde contained in the leathers.

Its irreversible reaction products are stable and do not give any of the characteristic aldehyde detection reactions.

It can be used with great advantage to reduce to very low values or even to eliminate the free-formaldehyde in the leathers at any stages of the humid processing.

Moreover it allows the utilisation of wet–blue leathers that ,due to their high free-formaldehyde content, are useless for the production of by law items.

Its use, thanks to its moderate alkalinity, is not influenced neither by the temperature nor by the pH of the float.

Before adding, a deep  wash of the leather to be treated is suggested.

The ideal stage of implementation is after dyeing and fatliquoring, when retanning with naphtalinic, phenolic syntans or resins with high free-formaldehyde content has been already done.

The use of  TRUPOFIX FST does not negatively influence the quality of the leather treated.

STORAGE STABILITY: TRUPOFIX FST can be stored for up to 6 months if temperatures below 10°C and above 40°C can be avoided. Containers should be kept tightly closed after use.

Shaking of the product during transportation can  produce swelling of the packaging