Politique de Qualité


The management of Trumpler Española considers products and services quality provided to our customers a key to ensure its continuity and future growth of our company.

The management understands that the satisfaction degree of our customers, the motivation and satisfaction of our staff, and the respect and care of our environment are critical basis to assess the way management of our company.

Therefore, the worry about quality in all its phases must be one of the essential values of all our company activities and it has to be the pattern of work and the daily and future planning for all departments and staff.

In this sense, Trumpler Española, S.A. takes as its own the general lines of quality management, and take them as procedures lines.

These principles are the following.

  • Approach towards the customer.
  • Participation and involvement of the staff.
  • A procedures management.
  • The continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.
  • To make decisions based on data and information.
  • The maintenance of relationships with suppliers that benefit each other.

According to this philosophy, Managers undertake to provide all necessary resources and tools in order to:

  • 1. Ensure the proper and accurate training to the staff.
  • 2. Introduce all necessary technical improvements to ensure product and service quality and simplify processes to reduce environmental impact of our activity direct or indirectly.
  • 3. Install necessary processes and Systems which allow accomplish with contractual engagements.
  • 4. Implement procedures and System to allow evaluating and reviewing the fulfilment of our quality and non-quality objectives.
  • 5. To achieve the maximum Integration between the various departments in the order to optimize our resources and knowledge.