Quality Policy


The management of Trumpler Española, taking into account the context of his organisation and the expectations and needs of the involved parties, defines and establishes the present quality policy

The management considers that the quality of the products and services offered to their customers are a key point to ensure the continuity and the future growth of our company.

The management understand that the degree of satisfaction of our customers, the motivation and labour satisfaction of the staff and the respect and the care for the environment are the basic criteria to valueate,  how the company is managed.

Therefore, the worry for the quality has to be one of the inherent principles to all activity of our company, and this has to mark the guidelines of work and the daily and future planning of all the departments and of all the personnel.

In this sense, Trumpler Española, S.A. takes at his own,  the general principles of the management of the quality, and takes them as a guidelines of his political of quality. These general principles base in the following main assumptions


  •   Approach to the customer.
  •   Participation and implication of the staff.
  •   Management by processes.
  •   Management by targets.
  •   Approach of the system to the management.
  •   Continuous improvement, efficiency and efectiveness of the qualuty system.
  •   Decision making,  based on the data and information.
  •   Maintenance of relationships with suppliers, reciprocally profitable.


According to this philosophy, the management is committed to provide all resources and all the tools to his scope in order to:


  1. Ensure a suitable formation to the staff.
  2. Implement all possible technical improvements that allow to benefit the quality of our products and of our service, improve and simplify productive processes and reduce the environmental impact of our industrial activity either direct or indirectly.
  3. Set up all procedures and systems that enable to meet the the contractual commitments.
  4. Implement procedures and systems that allow to evaluate and review the fulfillment of the targets as well as the non quality cost.
  5. Look for  a maximum integration between internal departments in order to optimise our resources and knowledges.






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